I Love Book Research!

One of the most fun parts of my job as a novelist is going on a research trip to the city where a future book will be set. WHAT MATTERS MOST is the final release in the Texas Gold Collection. This story is set in AUSTIN, TEXAS and features a down-on-her-luck gal who finally lands her dream job, only to learn the public relations firm is a front for a political organization doing opposition research on the young candidate she’s falling in love with.

Let me share some of the REAL SETTINGS where this book takes place:


This is the seat of politics in the Lone Star State, the Texas State Capitol Building in Austin. Isn’t it beautiful?


The historic Driskill Hotel is the scene of an early encounter between the rival candidates, Governor Wyndall Holiday and his challenger, young and upcoming Senator Nathan Emerson.


This is the Governor’s Mansion where First Lady Amanda Joy plots to secure her husband’s political ambitions.


Central Market is a popular upscale grocery store and where protagonist Leta Breckenridge works as a floral assistant.


Leta supplements her meager income with a second job at The Hole in the Wall bar.  This is where she first suspects her work associate, Bernard Geisler, can’t be trusted.

Five Sixty inside

The restaurant at the top of Reunion Tower in Dallas is where Senator Emerson breaks off his relationship with Tiffany, a girl with her own ulterior motives.


Zilker Park is a popular place to gather for fun and is the setting of a political rally that turns the tide for Leta–both professionally and personally.


No tourist can miss seeing the bats take flight at dusk from the Congress Avenue Bridge. This eery scene is paramount to Operation Brainchild coming to a climactic head, leaving Leta with an impossible choice to make.

When things seem too good to be true, they often are!  A story of political intrigue and emotional romance collide in WHAT MATTERS MOST!

What Matters Most by Kellie Gilbert

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