relax_massageI am writing to meet a deadline these days, which means I often spend ten to twelve hours parked in front of my computer with my fingers on the keyboard. I’m not complaining. I adore my writing career and nothing is more fun than watching a story form and take off.

That said, the physical act of all those hours can wreak havoc on my body. Often, I have to ice my wrists and hands. My feet swell. My back aches. And that’s on a good day.

I’ve learned a trick though. When I’m in the thick of the manuscript, when my entire being begins to feel like a sack of mashed spuds (can you tell I grew up in Idaho?) I head for a massage. While expensive, the money is well spent. After a massage, I just feel better. The tension in my muscles is gone and I no longer hurt.

So . . . yesterday was one of those days. I’d hit my limit and decided to drag my poor muscles and joints off to get worked on.  But never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined what would happen over the next hours.

My regular massage therapist was unexpectedly out, with no replacement available. Upon recommendation, I went to a little shop nearby–one that smelled like a lotus flower as you walked in, where the proprietors smiled widely and waved you inside without speaking much English.  They answered my questions by nodding a lot.

Well, I have to say . . . the little woman who sat me in a reclining chair and soaked my feet in a tub of warm, fragrant water knew her stuff. In next to no time, I felt stress leave my body.

Soon, she moved me into a tiny room curtained off for the table portion of the session. Now, I’m a very private person . . . never remove my clothes.  I just don’t feel comfortable. Thankfully, she seemed absolutely fine with that.

Once settled, face down, I again came to appreciate the woman’s talents. And then . . . 

Relaxing_Massage_at_caring_hands_massagesIs she climbing up on the table?

What is she doing?

Oh, my goodness . . . she can’t be. She isn’t!

Yup . . . I had a tiny Asian woman standing on my back!

Couldn’t help it. I giggled. And try as I might, I couldn’t stop. She nearly slipped off.

She stopped taking tiny steps and said, “Aye, aye, aye–no laughing!”

And of course, I couldn’t stop.

So, there you have it folks!  If you find a similar scene in some upcoming book, you’ll know where the idea came from. I hope you RELAX and ENJOY it!