Goodbye Ann Curry


I’m ticked off! 

Something deep inside my spirit wants people to obey the golden rule of fairness. Like many, this morning I watched Ann Curry’s announcement that NBC was moving her into “another position.” My heart quivered as this beautiful, smart and dedicated news anchor fell into tears and apologized on air for letting viewers down.

What gives?  The situation makes me mad. A long line before her were given respectful tributes as they left that sacred sofa spot on the popular morning Today Show (uh-hem . . . Bryant, Jane, Katie, Deborah, Meredith) In fact, Meredith got a two hour worship fest.  Ann started with an NBC affiliate in Medford, Oregon in 1978. That’s thirty-four years ago! And THIS is how she’s treated for a slip of a few rating points?

As a former legal professional, I smell legal maneuverings in the backdrop. We’ll never know for sure, but I suspect NBC sent a loud message to Curry and her attorneys this week. The injustice really gets my heart pumping . . . know what I mean? I’d write the last chapter in this tale very differently.

So, how would YOU write the end of Ann Curry’s story?


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