A Race Almost Finished


Despite my earlier blog post about not liking the Olympics, I admit to being captivated by a few late night news stories featuring successful athletes stepping into their moments of glory.

Everybody loves winners.

Isn’t it fun to watch faces beam with pride as winning contestants take their places on the podiums to accept their medals?

But, I also notice the others. The ones who tried just as hard. Who trained with fervor with the same level of hope and aspiration. The Olympic losers won’t return home to parades in their honor, but to try again. Hoping maybe in four years, their turn will come and then they will know what winning in front of millions feels like.

A friend and I talked the other day about how similar this is to the publishing industry. Where novelists train for years in workshops and conferences, with bookshelves stacked high with how-to books, red-lined and highlighted–and the race to get an agent, and a publishing house interested in your work.

After “qualifying” and landing a contract, what follows is months of writing, and edits and marketing. The lucky ones are the first in their genre to break out with a fresh voice, an engaging story and a platform sturdy enough to stand on.

Some novelists will get the gold. They’ll blast onto a best-seller list, win a coveted award, and garner the accolades of respected reviewers.

The rest will tuck their disappointment, and try again next time. These writers will head back to their offices and pound out another three hundred and fifty pages of excellence.

Hope never dies.


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Let the Olympic Games Begin (or Not)

Unlike most people, I hate watching the Olympics.

When I recently expressed this view at dinner, my friends gasped.  How could anyone not like the Olympics? “That’s just plain un-American,” they claimed, with frowns painted across their faces.


Let me explain.

I’ve never been a person drawn to athletics, preferring to bury my nose in a good book over watching sports on television.  Oh, I like the opening ceremony, but that’s because I enjoy all the pomp and circumstance, the music, the broadcasted stories behind the athletes.  But the actual competition? Yawn…..

As a novelist, I do pay attention to why so many other people glue their eyeballs to the fierce competition of these athletic events.  I may be wrong, but perhaps the popularity stems from the same reason I love novels.

There is something about a person fighting to attain a goal against insurmountable odds and winning that strikes a cord in all our hearts. We love wondering what that feels like. What if we could do the same in our own circumstances?

No matter if you live vicariously through your favorite athlete with gold medals wrapped around his/her neck, or you relate better to a heroine maneuvering through the pages of a novel to a satisfying conclusion  . . . humans striving to break across the finish line calls to the deep part of our souls and reminds us the race matters.



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