Otherwise Engaged by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Old Boyfriends

Hey, friends –

Close your eyes a minute and think back with me. Remember that old boyfriend . . . the one you DIDN’T marry? Ever imagine what life would have been had things taken a different turn and that first (or second, third…) boyfriend ended up the ONE?

Like you, a couple of former guys had my heart at various times–I remember my first kiss, my prom night, what it felt like when the guy of the moment looked at me from across the classroom.

In the days of social media, I’ve been able to look a couple of them up…..and smile. Nice guys, surely. But, oh–not the right ones for me.  I married the man I was meant to spend my life with. While not every moment was sugar and spice, the past thirty plus years have definitely been nice. We really are a perfect match. I wouldn’t want it to have been any other way.

BUT . . . the entire notion sparked a story idea.

What if a girl realized she was about to marry the wrong guy?

The debut novel in the new LOVE ON VACATION series tells the story of a cultivated young socialite from the south who visits the Sun Valley Lodge and accidently falls in love with a fun-loving and adventurous sous chef who lives on a shoe-string budget. Trouble is, she’s already engaged and the rapidly escalating romance imposes dire consequences to everything Lindsay Griffin holds dear, including her relationship with her mother.

Set against the backdrop of America’s original ski resort, Otherwise Engaged is the story of star-crossed lovers, a tale that opens the windows to what is possible when you follow your heart.

Otherwise Engaged by Kellie Coates Gilbert


YES! I want to buy this one.  CLICK HERE.

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