Bad Bosses

XXThis is the image of an easily recognizable celebrity, Sharon Stone. When writing WHERE RIVERS PART I used this photo while imagining the character, Alexa Carmichael, the once beautiful, but aging woman executive who came up through the ranks when women often hit a glass ceiling. Think of the woman in The Devil Wears Prada…..failed marriages and family life in the ditch because of her ambition. A woman who drives a black Aston Martin and who will sell out anything and anyone to succeed.

For those of you who have read WHERE RIVERS PART you know what happened when  protagonist, Dr. Juliet Ryan, tangled with her. And, it wasn’t pretty!

As a former legal professional who served for years in law firm settings and for the Department of Justice, I’ve worked with my share of bosses–good and bad. Nothing surpasses an experience where you work alongside a person who supervises your work, respects and treats you as a valuable member of the team, and compensates you accordingly with praise and monetary gain. (a few have even lent me and my family use of their vacation homes non grata!)

On the converse, I’ve also worked with a few doozies! In work environments everywhere you’ll find people in upper level positions who are power hungry, who believe the people reporting to them are less valuable to the effort and who are threatened by anyone else’s success.

I’ve had phones thrown at me. I’ve been screamed at. I’ve even been promised a huge bonus that never came. (Shocking….I know!)

Some of you have your own war stories about working with bosses, good and bad. I’d like to hear them in the comments (keep identities anonymous please).  So, share! Tell us about your boss experiences. Are you a boss? Tell us about that!