Book Tour DuJour

Shhh…..I’m going to tell you a secret!

Publishing a book is every bit as much fun as they say.

MOTHER OF PEARL debuted on September 1, and I’ve been riding a whirlwind of events (and fun) over these past couple of weeks.  First, we went to Boise, Idaho for our big launch party.  The Adelmann Event center (only blocks south of the Idaho Capitol Building) was packed out that evening. Guests enjoyed bacon-wrapped chicken skewers, chorizo-stuffed mushrooms and loaded potato skins while I enjoyed meeting up with friends from college and places I’d worked, friends and family. I signed a ton of books. WHAT A NIGHT!

Earlier, I appeared with Carolyn Holly on KTVB-TV.  Carolyn was so gracious and made this television novice feel right at home.  She even had me sign a book for her. Despite my nervous stomach, I had a ball!

I also signed books at the Barnes & Noble stores in Boise and in Twin Falls, where a television crew showed up unexpectedly.  I’d like to say my second television experience did not make my palms sweat, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to having a camera pointed my way.  Thank you, store managers Shira and Debbie for making these events a success!

By far, the highlight of the week was speaking at my former high school.  My hometown is very small (I only had sixteen people in my graduating class) and the school hasn’t grown much since I left all those (ahem) years ago.

How can I possibly convey the surreal feeling of standing behind a podium in our gymnasium looking into the eyes of the English teacher who first taught me point of view and first person present?

He still teaches, by the way.  And when all those kids came up and told me what they were reading, and how some of them are trying their own hand at writing—I realized Mr. Mecham is still motivating students to embrace literature.  I’d also like to thank Lois Stocking for bringing me the tea towels, a gesture that warmed my heart and reminded me why the little town of Carey remains embedded so deeply within my soul.


The Idaho leg of my book tour ended with an appearance in Sun Valley. For those of you who have browsed my website, you’ll know I worked at the Sun Valley Lodge for a summer when I was a teenager and made Ted Kennedy’s bed!

Before heading home, I drove up Trail Creek to the Hemingway Memorial. I sat on a little bench listening to trickling water and my eyes welled with emotion.

Who would have ever dreamed a little girl from Carey, Idaho would publish a book?

Thank you to each and every person who has purchased a copy of MOTHER OF PEARL. I also extend immense gratitude to the reviewers, bloggers, Goodreads members and Amazon reviewers who have said such lovely things about my debut novel.

My publisher recently informed me we went to second printing.  Much of this success is because of all of you!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Now, on to Nashville and then Portland, Oregon.  Another busy month ahead. See you there!

10 thoughts on “Book Tour DuJour

  1. Just finished Mother of Pearl yesterday, Kellie! What a great read–I loved the story and your wonderful writing. Blessings to you as you continue this amazing journey. Can’t wait to see and read your next book!! Hurry, please!

  2. Kellie, Congratulations on your enormous success. I am hoping to get Mother of Pearl for my Kindle. Is it going to be published that way? Here in Ecuador that is how we get all our reading. I am the neighbor of Deb and Jim’s. In fact I went swimming this morning and forgot my keys. I was setting on my front step when Jim arrived home and got me his extra key for my gate. Such great folks. Best Wishes for continued success with your book and writing the next one. I will look forward to reading it. Dean Keyes

    • The Rathjens are some of our favorite people on the planet! Yes, Dean. MOTHER OF PEARL is available on Kindle and Nook and also on the new iBook feature on Apple’s iTunes. Let me know if you read the book. I’d love to hear what you think.

  3. Kellie, you make it fun!! And I’ll bet everyone who came had as much fun as you! You sure couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous place to live, could you? LOL I love ID. We used to vacation there a lot when I was a kiddo.

    Adored Mother of Pearl!

    • I didn’t know you spent time in Idaho, Ane. Where did you go? I adore Idaho and would move back in two seconds if a door opened. (and thanks for the nice words about MOTHER OF PEARL)

  4. I’m so stinkin’ proud of you, and happy for you!! You wrote a winner and sounds like you’re also a TV star! Grinning in GA. 🙂 And you happen to have one of the most awesome book covers I’ve ever seen.

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