The Glamorous Life of a Novelist

After weeks of writing guest blog posts, filling out interview questionnaires, working with my publicist on promotion materials and ideas, I finally broke down and cleaned house today.

You see, I’m normally a tidy person. I don’t care for clutter. Hate walking barefoot across dirty floors. So, it’s quite unusual for me to let my housework go for any length of time.  But, I looked around this morning and my neglect showed.

I used to have a housekeeper when I worked full-time in law firms. But now that I’m working from my office at home, I juggle the cleaning chores with other demands and put those funds to better use.

So, today I cleaned refrigerator shelves. I changed the sheets on all the beds. I mopped and vacuumed.

 And I cleaned toilets.

Ah . . . the GLAMOROUS life of a novelist.


When a high school counselor learns her own daughter had an inappropriate relationship with the football coach, she risks everything she holds dear to bring him to justice.

Exciting announcements are coming soon regarding MOTHER OF PEARL, which releases Sept 1.

Stay tuned . . .