Dreams Are Made of This


Ever wake from a deep slumber with a start, and think . . .

What in the world was I just dreaming?

Happened to me just this morning.

I transitioned into morning reality knowing full well I’d just been sitting with Aunt Bea from the ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, a sitcom popular in my childhood and still shown on TV Land cable channel. We were sitting at her kitchen table (the one where she served dinner to Andy and Opie each night). Aunt Bea set a cup of tea in front of me and started sharing her recipe for her favorite strawberry jam.  The funny thing is, I remember pulling my iPhone out to snap a shot of the well-known character so I could Facebook and Tweet about the event.

Perhaps I’ve been a little too focused on social media over the past while (smiles).

Where do these outrageous dreams come from? Something we ate? Or, perhaps a television show we watched just before going to bed?

What was the strangest dream you’ve ever had?


Speaking of dreams, in a few weeks (September 1 to be exact) one of my lifetime dreams will come true. My novel MOTHER OF PEARL will release and be available for readers everywhere.

Have you gone to my home page to pre-order your copy yet?


7 thoughts on “Dreams Are Made of This

  1. oh how I love that show! Great post. I think I have the strangest, detailed dreams ever. I always say that Stephen King could get some book ideas from my dreams.

    • I know, Carrie. Isn’t it strange? Sometimes my dreams are so detailed and I remember them for years.

    • Can’t wait for the first time I see MOTHER OF PEARL on a bookshelf! Bet you feel the same about PINEAPPLES IN PERIL, huh Cheryl?

    • Thanks, Lynne. It’s sure been a pleasure journeying together. Couldn’t find a better writing partner!

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